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by thegoldparachute

Because it’s a saturday morning, I’ve taken the liberty to spend some good time alone today (to attempt to finish up the insane amount of undone work that’s giving me a hell lot of stress).

So I’m sitting alone at a Starbucks outlet that’s too dimly lit for its own good, listening to Les Miserables, typing on my Macbook while trying to curb a very slight feeling of nausea. Feeling extremely fat in my jeans today as well.

This journal’s probably excessively overwhelmed with too much angst & melancholy, but like yeah, who has time to be moaning on online posts when they’re having the time of their lives right.

Within the past half an hour, I’ve felt that sudden urge to start crying and tearing for no rhyme or reason. I’ve been trying to console my friends who have their own monsters to fight, and sometimes I feel really sad that there’s too impossibly much to face in life. I know everyone has different thresholds for hardships and pain, but sometimes I feel like there really is no one I can relate to. Within the past 3 months, I’ve had my father disappear from my life forever, done an operation for the first time in my life, felt extremely worthless, faced multiple domestic issues and problems, and everyday I’m constantly feeling unloved and things like that. I don’t want to be pathetic, I hate to be pathetic, and I don’t tell any of my friends this because I believe I can fight all these away myself. If you don’t help yourself, nobody’s gonna be able to fucking help you because you are your own soldier, your own enemy, your own balm and your own poison.

There may be storms we cannot weather in our glorious lives as humans, but we can take comfort if we know we have tried our best.

I don’t know where my life is heading & these days, I’m unable to control myself emotionally and stop myself from being horribly distracted. It feels like I can’t pick myself up anymore – my table’s messy, my academic life in a mess currently, and I feel so ugly.

How are you capable of loving someone else if you are unable to love yourself?



by thegoldparachute


I feel so impossibly lost these days & I don’t know where to begin from.

My mind’s a mess, my heart’s a mess, & I really can’t seem to concentrate on anything. This is beginning to take a toll on me because it’s ongoing to week 5 of school & I still feel like a complete wreck.

It’s alright to act like everything’s okay, but sometimes I miss my dad so sorely it hurts so much inside. Times like these you learn to cry without shedding your tears, because these moments tend to hit at the most inopportune times in your life.

I feel like I’m living a damned life. It still hurts to see pictures of how everyone celebrated their 21st happily with their families, how they have family days still, and I never got to celebrate mine with Daddy. How could I when he was practically semi-conscious & battling life. God damn it, I shouldn’t even complaining about this, but I feel like my birthday’s damned & cursed for fuck’s sake.

Not ever gonna celebrate it again.


by thegoldparachute

1. I need to be more frugal. Seriously, the rate I’m spending money? & patronizing Starbucks, which equals expensive coffee/tea.

2. I need to lose weight. Seriously, not even dinner time & I’ve consumed close to 1,500 calories today?

3. I need to be able to run more than 5km continuously. Not even 4 weeks left till the Nike 10km run fml.

4. I need to do my work more efficiently. Oh my god. I’ve spent the whole afternoon consolidating information & doing powerpoint slides for what, a 15% case presentation. 15% only? Damn.

5. I need to lose weight. Yeah I know I typed that already. Fml.


by thegoldparachute

Every school semester I find myself feeling really upset and heavily disappointed with something. I need to get over this.


by thegoldparachute

My life has been nothing short of disappointments. I feel so upset that I didnt get offered a place at exchange because of my poor ranking of choices. Plus results of course. And someone said something to me today which is supposed to be nice, she supposed. It kind of hurt me though and I just, I don’t even. It’s just been a really bad day. Lol. I’m afraid of disappointing but I’ve had my own fair share of disappointments as well. Everything hasn’t been going too smoothly for me these days. I want to cry but I can’t and I shouldn’t right? Family issues, being lonely, studies sucking, singing voice turning nasal. It’s just bad. Really bad.