Month: March, 2012


by thegoldparachute

I feel so frustrated right now :( I haven’t finished my marketing group and individual assignment which is due in a little more than a day! Freaking screwed right now :( & I feel so disgusting & full & bloated & I haven’t exercised much recently & I feel so freaking fat and stupid. 

I hate myself so much sometimes. I’m so disgusting. Why am I like that. 

Why am I so fat. Why am I so stupid. Why am I never enough. Why am I always so inadequate.

Why do I feel like I wanna cry so easily these days. Why am I so weak.



by thegoldparachute

We may not always have the best times with our parents, both our dad & mum. Still, we can never lie how much we still love them, or crave for their love, in the deepest caves of our hearts.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtng-qbn760 SNSD’s Dear Mom made me cry so badly & I don’t even know why

I wish I was a better daughter, someone they would be really proud of. Thinking back about all those times I threw my temper around makes me feel so guilty right now. I love my parents so much. I’m so imperfect & it’s hard thinking about having a daughter like myself. They’re growing older & weaker & that really scares me.