It’s only been a week!

by thegoldparachute

Has only been like, around 8-9 days since I posted here & it already feels like forever since I’ve stepped here!

Anyway, Chinese New Year has since passed, Happy CNY!! :D Had a long weekend of about 4 days from Saturday-Tuesday because of the new year! I hope this will be an eventful, rewarding and special year for my family, and that everyone stays healthy, strong & happy :) I could never ask for more than that.

I can’t really remember the series of events that occurred over the past week. All I can remember is I felt really excited getting to wear new clothes! And  yeah like always, during CNY, you meet relatives that you only see and talk to once a year. So my cousins (those I’m really not close to, they’re like 40++ years old already) told me that I look really different. They said I was alot prettier, slimmer (though I’m still fat), like woah grow up already. It’s all in the eyeliner lol. Just wear eyeliner and immediately a person looks alot better/more awake. I have to admit that it felt pretty good because honestly, I haven’t forgotten the nasty words the very same person said like, 3-4 years ago? Now they’re speaking a completely different tune. Will never forget how biting and hurtful it was back then. Anyway. We went to watch Jack & Jill the movie at night! Twins are so wonderful, I’ve always imagined how it’d be like to have someone who looks exactly like you but can behave completely different!

Oh & on Friday, I went for an internship interview at Butterflies & Cake, a very successful wedding/events provider in Singapore. The owner of the place was a really intelligent man, and the way he spoke at first seriously scared me. He asked me a pretty stressful question. “From the marketing point of view, what do Singaporeans pay for? If you get this right, I’ll give the job to you. Only 1 other girl out of the other 4-5 today got it correct.” Omg, at that time I suddenly felt dizzy because he kept droning on about other stuff before that & poof! A sudden question. The answer was escapism, by the way. I mean, how the hell will you even think of that in that kind of setting?! I said, Singaporeans pay for face (implied from certain ambiguous examples he gave), and he said I wasn’t far off so yeah. He talked to me for a total of 1.5 hours in total & I concluded that him & his wife are so, so successful. And rich. I got the part time internship job by the way, but I really don’t know if I should go ahead with it because my parents are telling me that I’d need to do deals/sales and right now I should be concentrating on my studies first.

I’m in such a dilemma, really. I wanted a more desk-based job so that I could juggle my studies at the same time, but then again you don’t learn as much from those practical-based duties in comparison. Technically, doing this will greatly benefit me, but the modules this semester really suck & it’s going to take a bit of effort trying to do better for it all. I really don’t know if I’m up to this. If I can secure myself a summer internship then I won’t do this….

& I still don’t know if I’d rather do a summer internship or go for a summer program! :( Still feeling bad about the fact that I didn’t get any offer for student exchange because of my really stupid ranking of choices. Sucks especially when you hear about freshies with an even more cui CAP getting the Canadian universities. WHY AM I SO STUPID.

Anyway, last night I went out with Tiffany Cassandra & Cindy for Korean BBQ at CHIJMES! The Seoul BBQ Restaurant that all the kpop stars keep going to whenever they’re here, AKA the place where we saw SHINee at the lift. Epic memorable encounter, that one :D The service was really really good, and the waitresses/waiters/owners were mostly authentic Koreans! Which is pretty hard to find in Singapore :D The food was really, really expensive though. & I don’t like bbq-ed pork, there’s just too much fat hahaha. Had a great night with the girls :) Still find it so precious that we became such good friends just because we were in the same dance class for Lucifer at CJ!

Oh & I went for my first dance lesson at Dance Factory yesterday. It was supposed to be a beginner class, and now I finally understand why I need to go for the Introduction class there. The classes there are so, super technical. Very, very different from the ones I had taken at Studio Wu & CJ. Didn’t exactly enjoy myself because the class was finishing up the choreo they had learnt for the past 3 weeks, & I freaking attempted a full scorpion. To be honest, he didn’t exactly ‘teach’ it properly that lesson so I was pretty clueless, but then again maybe he had taught them before so I’m not too sure. Kinda regretted joining the dance class, but I’m going for the Intro to Hiphop & Kpop one from next week! The ones at Studio Wu were really fun though – a little of the technical stuff plus awesome fun choreography so you don’t get too sick of the lesson. It’s more expensive & further away though :( Le sigh! The only plus side is that it gave the final push for me to get a muscle ache after some strength training. Feels good, heh.

Had a pretty productive morning (for 2 hours only, HAHA) finally catching up with someeee school work. I HAVE SO MUCH MORE WORK LEFT TO DO PLEASE KILL ME