Escapist Mentality

by thegoldparachute

I feel really, really tired these days for no rhyme or reason. I just wanna sleep away my entire night/morning, the afternoons aren’t too bad though. Think I’m having some escapist inclinations or something. Y’know, just like how it is when people do not want to face up to whatever things are, so they try to put themselves in a state where they are away or unconscious from it all. Need to gear myself up and make it go away as soon as possible. Need to be ready to fight the new school semester.

Honestly honestly wished I had been brave enough & decided to go ahead & take a gap semester. School really, really sucks. The modules, the lecturers, the people. Taking a 6 month-break & doing an internship would’ve been more ideal.

Was supposed to go clubbing tonight! Failed, however. Tiff & I, either one of us, will just happen to have mumsy issues that night & we’d have to call it off. Slightly disappointed, but I totally understand her plight. Guess this means more rest considering I have 2 lectures from 9am-1pm tomorrow. Kind of miss clubbing without inhibitions.

I’ve officially decided that I do not like clubbing at Zouk. People will probably think I’m nuts because it’s supposed to be The Nus Hangout, but that’s exactly the reason why I dislike it. Anything goes wrong & there’re a million eyes watching you. Everybody would know. Besides, it’s not funny when people you meet at awkward situations there end up in your classes & all. It’s just, awkward! Please let it stop happening to me. 2nd time already, I swear!

Why are my eyes so tired already! & I really hate DSC. I hate Business Analytics, statistics, whatever. I need someone to tutor me/give me motivation for this stupid module :(