by thegoldparachute

It was a pretty eventful weekend! Since Friday was a free day, I went out with Pei Jun to Far East to do our hair! Finally did the moisturizing hair treatment & I hope it lasts. This lady & another guy did it for me, their service was honestly pretty good! We went to Signature after scouting around level 5 ‘cos it looked most promising and I guess it was! Pei Jun’s hair dye job turned out really good & the treatment was included in the package as well. Anyway, the guy blow dried my hair so nicely, I wish I had someone to do that for me everyday! He had green funky hair & the lady had such nice curls hahaha, was wondering if they spent alot of time doing up their hair each day.

After some shopping around, I went with her to Teo Heng to join her church friends for Teo Heng for a while since I was only meeting Vui & Vivian later. It was pretty awkward but I’ve kind of seen most of them before somehow or another so it was actually much better than I thought. Still find it very funny that we both know Yongyi hahaha.

Finally went to meet Vui & Vivian at NEX for dinner! I MISS VUI SO MUCH! That retard who always does stupid things and still types in uppercase lowercase even though she’s currently pursuing a medical degree at IMU. It was such a happy happy dinner together, really felt like it was quality time spent with friends. I kept messing up during my dinner though, must be the Vui effect or something because I swear I don’t ever do that. Hehehe.

Had class gathering on Saturday the next day! It was supposed to be Yongyi & JT’s farewell party cos they’re leaving overseas for their studies. So yes, I met Vui & Vivian again HAHA :D We took loadssss of photos together, major spam man. Should’ve brought out the proper camera so our pictures won’t be so pixelated! The iPhone front camera is reallyyy  bad under dim lighting. Anyway, we made our own dinner with Yongyi being the master chef, it was pretty fun!  Vui & I rolled the meatballs but they were of unequal size so we had to redo after the master chef’s quality control. Oh & I forgot to mention about Vivian’s Hello Kitty bag, major win. It’s so, her. Couldn’t stop omg-ing hahaha. Oh then Yanzhu & Sheryl came! :D Was so happy that night because so many of my favourite girls were there. (Y) Zhuzhu kept touching me that night for some reason, tsk tsk :D & then Debby came later on!!! :D Omg, that night I was like how happy. Never realized that I’d actually miss the JC class but somehow that night, I really did. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about s31 before, strange. Went home feeling really satisfied & wished the night didn’t have to end.

Okay, I feel abit silly narrating these stuff here like it’s still secondary school times. No wonder I’ve always felt that ‘blogging’ is like a childish thing. I wanna preserve the memories here though, so yeah!

Today’s a self-proclaimed free day (monday!) hahaha. Really not looking forward to marketing seminar tomorrow.