by thegoldparachute

So yeah I went to see the doctor yesterday & thankfully, it wasn’t anything too serious considering the pains/nausea that I’ve been feeling. He put me on a course of antibiotics & oh my god, he diagnosed it so quickly that I was doubtful of it. Went to google it & it seems correct though!

Missed my first lecture of the semester yesterday because it was at 9am. Way too early, & I decided that seeing a doctor was more necessary than travelling for a total of 3hours + to & fro just for a 1.5 hour lesson. It’s the start of the sem & I’m lagging already, great. Ah well. Please grant me more discipline this sem!

Went to run yesterday! I’m not supposed to do anything to overexert myself but I guess running should be fine. Wondering if I should go again later before my class at 3pm. It’s so hard dragging my ass out these days.

My sister bought apples for me last night ^^ So cute right, hehehe. She was having her CCA tryouts & after her long day, she went to the supermarket just to get apples ‘cos she remembered that the night before, I was looking for apples. Coincidentally, I bought apples earlier in the day & now we have 10 apples at home. Hee happiness ^^

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but also withered. Maybe I should move on. It’s time for me to move on to someone else. I don’t know why I’m always like that, clinging on to things, people & issues of the past. & once my heart gets hooked it’s just so difficult to let go no matter how insignificant it may have been initially. Just gotta always remember those quotes that I see from time to time on Tumblr. Half the time, we’re pining for people who wouldn’t even give more than just a care for us.

False alarms and false starts / All made better by the sound of your heart / All the pain of the last time / I prayed so hard it was the last time